Happy 541st Birthday

This morning, on Milk Street, in the City of London, 541 years ago, to John and Agnes More, our patron was born.

The College is never together for his summer feast days, and so it this day that we honor. Today we celebrate and venerate our wise and witty Patron.

We owe him and Our Lord much for the good life of Thomas More.

Please take the time to wish the each other a Happy Birthday of Sir Thomas More, a good example to us of a son, a student, a laymen, lawyer, scholar, statesman, husband, father, and saint.

I think we sometimes let this day slip by without due reflection and gratitude for all that we have received and enjoy because of the life that John and Agnes helped to bring forth on this day.

I hope that you do, think, and receive many good things in this day through his intercession.

For those in Merrimack, I look forward to our banquet this evening; for those away— I hope you can duly celebrate the day.

In Christo Rege,

William Fahey


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