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Thomas More College
to Host Fatherhood Conference

On the evening of Monday, June 22, from 7:30 – 9:00 pm EST, Thomas More College of Liberal Arts will host a conference entitled “Rediscovering Fatherhood.” The free online conference brings together an impressive line-up of speakers to address the challenges facing today’s fathers:

  • C. R. Wiley, author of Man of the House and The Household and the War for the Cosmos
  • Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) 
  • John Cuddeback, founder of popular household blog and Professor of Philosophy at Christendom College 
  • William Fahey, President of Thomas More College of Liberal Arts

Something unprecedented has taken place in American households. Over the past few months, most fathers have been “forced” to work from home, always in the presence of their wives and children. Some have found this stressful; many have welcomed the opportunity. What is evident is that most fathers could use some advice, support, and encouragement as they seek to discover—or rediscover—their household roles in a culture that seems to have abandoned a true understanding of fatherhood. 

Topics include “Strong Marriages, Strong Fathers” (Brian Brown); “A Father’s Presence by Work in the Home” (John Cuddeback); “Gravitas and Pietas: Two Under-Appreciated Virtues for Fatherhood” (C. R. Wiley); and “In the Household of a Saint: What Thomas More can Teach us About Fatherhood” (William Fahey).  The conference is aimed at inspiring fathers to meet the challenges and opportunities they face as they seek to live out their vocation with love and fervor.

The conference is an outreach of Thomas More College’s Center for the Restoration of Christian Culture (CRCC).  “Being a father is an important job—in fact, the most important job any man can have, notes CRCC Program Director Philip Lawler. “We can all use some advice and encouragement, especially from other fathers who approach their role with wisdom and experience.” 

Thomas More College President William Fahey, who will speak on the fatherly role of the College’s patron, Thomas More, agrees. “I cannot think of a single major problem in our world that is not caused or exacerbated by the failure of men to live their lives as fathers,” he notes. “Nor can I imagine a single problem that will not yield in the face of men living truly as fathers.”

As conference speaker John Cuddeback suggests, “A central measure of a father’s manhood is the quality of his presence in the home.”  

The conference will take place Monday, June 22. Register Now!

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