An Invitation from Dr. Esolen

Dear Friends,

I am inviting you to join me on my adventure.

You and I know that we live in dark times. You have probably heard that kind of thing said more than once. As you know, I have decided that identifying corruption and resisting corruption are good, necessary, and brave actions, but not enough. You have to propose a new vision (or remind people of a good, old, and tested vision). The truth calls us to build and spread goodness.

Our culture may be in ashes. Beauty, goodness, and truth may appear to be in ruin. But I refuse to lose heart.

That is why I am setting off to work with my friends at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts. They have not only been a fighting force, courageous and true—but they desire to redeem and restore our fallen culture. They understand that age-old truth: Grace builds on Nature. Men must work to redeem the times as the times demand.

Thomas More College has a vision for establishing a Center for the Restoration of Christian Culture. The goals of this institute are clear and ambitious and come from the life and work of St. Thomas More himself. Here’s what we stand for:

1. Defend the traditional Family: Now under assault by countless fanatics and the new gender-confusion ideologues.

2. Restore traditional Education: In disarray because parents have been convinced to surrender everything to “experts” who brainwash their children from kindergarten through graduate school.

3. Engage the Political Order: Fighting to restore a firm sense of the centrality of Law, Order, Hard Work, and Private Property to stable and good society.

4. Redeem the world of Culture and Art: Why should this be under the monopoly of people who hate tradition and only offer ugliness?

5. Uphold the authentic teachings and traditions of the Church: In addition to highlighting the heroes of our age and the past, the Center will offer a faithful critique of those who depart from the true teachings of the Faith, and pretend otherwise.

This must not just be my project or the work of my College, we all must play a part. We will be bringing together the best minds and the stoutest hearts. The Center will be located in New Hampshire, because that’s our home. But our vision is to build a confederation across our Country; to share ideas, principles, and programs that can help restore culture not in the Federal Capitol or some imperial city, but in each of our neighborhoods.

If you are interested in receiving updates on the Center, current events, lectures, and more, please visit the Center website.

If we are to strengthen the Faith, defend the family, advance a traditional vision of education, restore the political order, and rebuild the culture… we need your help.

Please consider making a monthly commitment of $50, $40, or $20 today.

Finally, for those of you who are concerned for young people and their future: tell them about Thomas More College! Send us your students, and we will do everything to see them mature mind, body, and soul as God intended them to—as men and women fully alive!

Look over the College’s website to learn more. Right now young people can still apply (or transfer) by using our application form, or request more information about this great institution.

Keep us in your prayers and know that you are in our prayers daily.

God Bless you,

Anthony Esolen, Ph.D.

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