A Gift from the Class of 2018

In July of 2018, the Class of that year gifted the college a wooden carving. Two and a half feet tall, and almost as wide, the wood carving incorporates both the Etruscan Rider and the College’s Coat of Arms. The design is such that the crest is shown in front of an old apple tree which is both a symbol for the fall and for Christ. In addition, it is a representation of a 200-year-old tree on campus affectionately named Ambrose (Immortal).

Above, there is a banner that bears the College’s motto, and two triumphant horns blast. These horns remind us of the dual nature of Christ, and how it is through the Incarnation that man is elevated to participate in God intellectually. Atop sits a rooster. The rooster is a nod to Thomas More’s personal crest which features a Moorcock, which is the heraldic symbol of the legal profession and a clever pun. But, our fowl is predominately a symbol for the Church as a whole. Pope Saint Gregory the Great is rumored to have said that the cock is “the most suitable emblem of Christianity” since it is “the emblem of St. Peter”. The rooster cannot help but call to mind the first Pope’s denial of Christ, but it also reminds us to be vigilant. Perhaps this is why it was placed on the tops of church steeples, to call us all to prayer.

Finally, the last two characters that might need explaining are the dragon and the rider. The dragon is a symbol of the devil and viciousness. The Etruscan Rider, a symbol of the college’s Rome program, is slaying this dragon for Christ and secondly to obtain the right interior order of the soul.

The carving was designed by alumna Annie Fagan, Class of ’18, and carved by Georgi Georgiev from Bulgaria. Mr. Georgiev’s shop is called CarvingRoots and can be found on Etsy.

Both the Crest and the Rider have longer descriptions dedicated to them HERE on our website.

Please enjoy the pictures of the wooden carving below:

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