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Life at TMC

At Thomas More College, you do not simply study the Catholic tradition, you experience it. You are invited to bring to life the ideas you study in the classroom—to pray, to celebrate, to ruminate, to be at peace. You are afforded many occasions to refresh your mind through student life events that are jovial, active, and hands-on.

In addition to weekly Guild meetings, our Director of Student Life organizes festive and engaging activities for students including formal banquets, contra and swing dances, live jazz music, soccer scrimmages, basketball intramural games, lawn parties, outdoor movie nights, and poetry contests.

With the Director, the TMC Student Council plans weekly activities, projects, and excursions fitting for the season.  This includes outdoor ice skating, folk music jam sessions, bonfires, mountain hikes, open mic nights, dance lessons, and campus-wide field games. On Friday evenings in the Barn, you’ll find a gregarious affair taking place known as “Cafe Night”—the sounds of the espresso machine accompany swing dancing, poetry recitation, and banter.

We offer trips to parts of New England (and sometimes beyond!) that take advantage of Thomas More College’s unique location.  Students can be found visiting the beaches of Maine, visiting Robert Frost’s Farm, hiking the White Mountains, walking the cobblestone streets of Boston, sailing through Boston Harbor, and visiting museums in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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