Roman Excursions

Roaming in Rome and Beyond

In their Rome semester, Thomas More College sophomores traverse catacombs and cloisters, piazzas and palazzos, exploring the heart of the Christian West. The history of Christendom is written in the stones and on the ceilings, in the streets and the cemeteries, and the skyline is dominated not by skyscrapers but by the dome of St. Peter’s.

Through most of Rome, every 500 yards or so there stands an exquisite chapel or church—one perhaps designed by Bernini, or Borromini, ornamented with art that ranges from ancient mosaics to high Baroque altarpieces, from Renaissance frescos to affectionate memorials of Padre Pio festooned with plastic flowers.

The Roman semester immerses students in the details of ancient, medieval and Renaissance art, and the history and teachings of the Church. Students also explore Renaissance churches in Florence and Orvieto, visiting the cave of St. Benedict in Subiaco, the eerie Etruscan tombs at Cerveteri, and the city of St. Francis, Assisi.

Along with extensive site visits in Rome, Lazio, Umbria, and Tuscany, our students also travel father afield during their stay.

During their week long Spring Break students have the opportunity to travel to Poland on pilgrimage, visiting Częstochowa, Krakow, Auschwitz….and more

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