First and Foremost

By Ella Fordyce, Class of 2019

The dust of unpacking has settled; classes at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts are well underway. For many students, the beginning of the new academic year is now routine. They know the campus as well as they know their own home, and the different teaching styles of the professors no longer hold any mysteries—or at least, not many. For some students, however, life at TMC still represents uncharted territory. But over the past few weeks, both freshmen and transfers have been slowly gaining first impressions of the school.

One such transfer is Miss Riaghan O’Callaghan, Class of 2019. An Irish student from Newman College Ireland, Miss O’Callaghan was surprised by how welcoming everyone was to her and the rest of the transfers. “Even though there are so many of us transfers, everyone put in a lot of effort to be friendly.” Another thing that struck Miss O’Callaghan was TMC’s extensive curriculum. She was very impressed by how much the students read in their Humanities courses. Having that huge wealth of philosophy, history, and literature is very valuable, particularly as seniors prepare for their theses. Finally, she was struck by how beautiful and cheerful the campus is. Despite its small size, every corner is always filled with students studying, singing, or simply enjoying each other’s company.

Mr. Francis Lafata, Class of 2022, was delighted to find an outlet at TMC for his artistic side. The Natural History course, taught by President Dr. William Fahey, requires that its students sketch the various flora and fauna they observe. In the Way of Beauty course, many opportunities are provided for drawing and other artistic endeavors. In addition, the very style of the classes themselves struck Mr. Lafata. Since they are not pure lecture, everybody has a chance to talk, whether it be to ask a question, or to raise an objection. This approach, coupled with the small student-to-teacher ratio, creates an engaging classroom experience.

Another transfer, Mr. Hugh Mohun, Class of 2019, also commented on the classroom experience at TMC. While it is true that students are free to partake in the discussions, others focus their attention on taking detailed notes; thus, the TMC classroom can accommodate different learning styles. Mr. Mohun was struck not only by the different learning styles of students, but also by their many differences in general. TMC draws students from all over the country, of varying ages, backgrounds, and beliefs. Nonetheless, they are all united by their pursuit of the True, the Good, and the Beautiful. “This creates a humble environment,” said Mr. Mohun. “We are all equal in our pursuit, and we all equally help each other to attain that end.” Whether in the classroom or in the chapel, whether teacher or student, every person helps his fellow man to live in accord with TMC’s motto: Caritas Congaudet Veritati.

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