Students Attend Massachusetts Family Institute’s Annual Banquet

By Jacquelyn Oster, Class of 2019

Last Friday, students from Thomas More College of Liberal Arts attended the Massachusetts Family Institute’s annual fundraising banquet. President Andrew Beckwith shared what MFI has done to help Massachusetts residents win legal battles regarding rights of free speech, religious liberty, and personal privacy. Nationally syndicated columnist and FOX News commentator Michelle Malkin delivered the keynote address, in which she discussed the declining role of the family in public life and education.  

During Massachusetts’ past legislative session, MFI successfully worked to prevent the assisted suicide bill from being passed. Recently, MFI collected signatures to add Question 3 to the MA ballot, which gives citizens a chance to vote for the repeal of MA’s 2016 transgender rights law (colloquially referred to as the “Bathroom Law”). This law protects any man who desires to enter a women’s bathroom or locker room. Last month, a biological male in MA filed a complaint to the attorney general’s office on the basis of this law which, he argued, gave him legal rights to a full Brazilian waxing service performed by women, for women. In his remarks, President Beckwith used this instance to show the absurdity of this law which jeopardizes the safety and dignity of women.

Both MFI and TMC are privileged to have litigation attorney Michael Gilleran as a board member. This year and last, he procured tickets for TMC students who wished to attend this fundraiser. Thanks to him, nearly forty students have had the opportunity to attend this event, which not only informs the attendants about the trials of modern society but also inspires those who are interested in pursuing an active role in the preservation of the common good as understood in Catholic social teaching and the tradition of the occident.

To learn more about the Massachusetts’ Family Institute visit their website HERE.

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