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Three Recollections
Peter Sampo

The following represent the sentiments of Thomas More College and the many here over four decades who worked with him and remember him.


“My heartfelt sympathy and prayers go to the family of Dr. Peter V. Sampo.  I was his pupil at Thomas More College, where he directly shaped my college years and instilled in me a love of Humanities, Rome and higher education.   He influenced generations of students before and after my class.  At graduation ceremonies, he often referred to the new alumni as ‘giants among us.’  As it turned out, Dr. Sampo was the ‘giant among us’ all along. Rest in peace, Dr. Sampo, and thank you for your years of dedication and sacrifice.”

—Maureen Mooney, Class of 1997 and Trustee, 2007—present

“I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Sampo for 26 years.  I can remember the first time I arrived on campus in 1983.  The only person here was Dr. Sampo.  I started wondering if the Thomas More College (Thomas More Institute at that time) was really a College.  There was not a student in sight.  He then explained that all the students were in Rome for the semester.  How amazing was it that all students could attend a semester in Rome, and they still do.  From then on, I was able to see how much dedication and love he had for the College.  He thoroughly enjoyed getting to know every person and student whom he met.  I am so grateful to Dr. Sampo for giving me the opportunity to work at Thomas More College.  He will be deeply missed.”

—Pamela Bernstein, Director of Business and Registrar Affairs


“For over twenty years my association and friendship with Dr. Sampo were a great adventure. He took me to Rome and schooled me well. At various times, all ten of my children and two in-laws were, like myself, students of his. I am very thankful for him and for the educational endeavors he undertook.”

—T. Patrick Monaghan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

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