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TMC Stands for Life in Concord

By Peter Rao ’24

In June of 2022, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, which protected abortion as a constitutional right. Although this decision marked a major victory for the pro-life movement, the battle persists, as many states—including New Hampshire—continue to protect abortion. With the fight thus returned to the states, it was fitting that Thomas More College took this opportunity to attend the March for Life in Concord. On January 14, 2023, a group of students who had returned early from their winter break attended the March, which was organized by NH Right to Life.

The day began with Mass at Christ the King Parish, after which everyone rallied at the State Capitol. Following an opening prayer and a brief address by Fr. Christian Tutor, a trustee of NH Right to Life, the March began. In attendance were several members of the Knights of Columbus, who led the Rosary during the March. At the front of the procession, two men carried a small coffin, commemorating the death of the thousands upon thousands of babies killed by abortions every year. The procession halted at one point in front of the Equality Health Center, which, according to its website, is “New Hampshire’s longest-standing abortion provider.” The coffin was laid on the lawn before the abortion clinic and participants in the March were invited to place a rose petal inside, as a further reminder of the death of so many innocents.

As the March continued toward Christ the King Hall, TMC students took the opportunity to contribute to the spirit of the March by breaking out into song. As the event came to an end, several other participants expressed their appreciation both for the singing and for the group’s interest in the pro-life movement as young people.

Indeed, there is a great deal of independent initiative among TMC students to contribute to the pro-life movement in various ways. Over the past few semesters, several students have organized “Pro-life Saturdays,” where they gather to pray in front of an abortion clinic in Manchester, NH. “I think for the most part we get more positive than negative feedback,” said Madeline Eastman ’24. “We go there and pray fifteen decades of the Rosary and then a Divine Mercy chaplet. The idea is to be there for at least an hour.” Miss Eastman continued to say that it was “nice to see that this gathering is student-run and maintained,” and she hopes that more opportunities will arise at the College for pro-life activism in the future.

Miss Eastman was also part of a small group of TMC students who, on their own, decided to make the trek down to Washington, DC for the first post-Roe national March for Life. “It was really beautiful. There were massive amounts of people, and we ran into a lot of friends unexpectedly. There were lots of colleges represented, lots of young people, religious orders and habits everywhere.” Miss Eastman concluded by saying that it was an amazing experience, and that she thought it was important for Americans to be in DC, exercising their right to peaceful protest—especially after Roe’s overturning.

As the spring semester begins, TMC is proud of its students’ continuing desire to stand for all life, especially in our home state of New Hampshire.


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