Second Spring Giveaway

Dear Reader,

We are happy to announce that, over the next few months, Thomas More College will be giving away an individual issue of our Second Spring International Journal of Faith & Culture to anyone who pledges to donate $5 a month. To anyone who decides to give $10 a month, not only will you be given an issue of Second Spring, but your name will be placed into a raffle for an opportunity to win the complete collection.

Your gift will serve to help keep our small and faithful College alive. It will also be used to further our Center for the Restoration of Christian Culture which will be hosting a series of lectures this Monday at Mercy Hall. These lectures will be broadcasted live via Youtube to those of you outside of the New England area, and it will be made available as an mp3 for downloading.

If everyone on this mailing list gave just $5 dollars a month, the College would have the opportunity to invest in the guild programs, invite out-of-town speakers, host debates, and continue to share this content with those of you at home through the Center’s live broadcasting and recording program.

I sincerely hope you join us and get your free copy of Second Spring.  May God bless you and your own efforts to restore Christian culture.

In Christ,
Dominic Cassella


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