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White Mountains & Beyond

New Hampshire is home to some of the largest mountains east of the Rockies. Just a half hour drive from Thomas More College’s campus is the 3,165 foot Mount Monadnock – the second most frequently climbed mountain in the world.   There are thousands of miles of scenic trails, including 1,200 miles in the White Mountain National Forest and a section of the Appalachian Trail an hour and a half drive north or Merrimack.

For peak-baggers, the state has 48 4,000-footers, while many other hikes offer spectacular views for moderate or little effort that are ideal for less experienced hikers. Students can visit the mountains to  tour small towns and villages, go moose watching at sundown, or simply be mesmerized by the play of summer sun and shadows chasing each other across the steep slopes of this beautiful range.  During the winter, the White Mountains offer some of the best skiing in the country, and during the warmer months you can ride scenic railways, take sky rides to the summits of Loon Mountain and Cannon Mountain, visit the Lost River and Flume Gorges, and traverse the Boulder Caves.  The possibilities for fun and exploration are endless.

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