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Our Annual Festivities and Events

The joy of friendship, of gratitude and praise ought to be present in any community.

At Thomas More College, regular feasts follow the liturgical calendar of the universal Church as well the local and particular character of the TMC community. Events such as feasts and banquets are firstly an opportunity at refreshing and expressing our love of God and of neighbor and, further, an opportunity for genuine encounter of the other in an atmosphere ordered by the beauty and goodness of the occasion itself. While the variety of feasts and banquets celebrated at TMC is an organic expression of the living community of persons that make up Thomas More College, it is in its deeper meaning a salute to and a recognition of the Catholic intellectual tradition and Catholic culture to which Thomas More College belongs and which it wishes to preserve and pass on.

Festivity is one central aspect of the third of three components of a student’s life at TMC. Integrated with the spiritual and the academic life, student events offer genuine leisure animated by the truths we study and the Truth we encounter. Feasts and banquets are the living out of these truths.

This page introduces you to the regularly scheduled events and festivities here at Thomas More College. Other events and activities include lectures and seminars, workshops and outings. The entire list of events can be found under “Student Life Calendar“.

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