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A male and female representative from each class come together to form the Social Council. They work closely with the Director of Collegiate Life and are responsible for the orchestration and support of everything from campus-wide festivities, such as our Easter Banquet, Oktoberfest, and Tea and Shoot, to the more casual Cafe Nights, jam Sessions, apple-picking adventures, ski trips, dance lessons, and a variety of fun filled activities and seasonal events that color weekly life on campus.

“The play’s the thing,” Shakespeare assures us, and at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts we take the words of the Bard very seriously. Though acting is not part of the curriculum, students nonetheless volunteer every school year to put on a play for the entertainment of their classmates. They do so for the love of acting—and because a few extra-curricular activities never go amiss. Past student productions include The Importance Of Being Ernest, by Oscar Wilde, The Man Who Was Thursday, by G.K. Chesterton, The Cocktail Party, by T.S. Eliot, and both Love’s Labour’s Lost and The Taming of the Shrew, by William Shakespeare.

Students learn to sing classical choral music for the annual Advent and Easter concerts. It is open to all students who enjoy singing and are willing to undertake the commitment and learning necessary to make choral music a reality at Thomas More.


A group of TMC upperclassmen who share similar political opinions has coalesced into the Milk Street Society, named for the street where Thomas More was born. The Society maintains that the Aristotelian theory that virtue lies in a mean between two extremes can be applied to politics. Working from this premise, the members of the Society work together to try to answer the questions: what is conservatism and how does it relate to Catholic Social Teaching? By hosting seminars on conservatism, attending events run by conservative parties, and reading authors from Russell Kirk to Stephen Tonsor to F. A. Hayek, the students look to discover the roots of conservatism, its defining elements, and their practical application.


Formally dubbed the St. John Chrysostom Guild of Oratory, the debate society operates beneath the Milk Street umbrella. The Guild hosts a single debate each semester in order to improve the rhetorical skills of its members. Past topics have included: the depiction of nudity in art, the death penalty, and the indissolubility of marriage.


It has been said that “no animal ever invented anything as bad as drunkenness – or as good as drink.” At Thomas More College, the students have taken this saying to heart and, in the spirit of the guilds, they have begun to make their own beer to be enjoyed at the numerous festivities celebrated on campus. As Leo XIII illuminated in his Rerum Novarum, man, as a rational animal, is made in such a way that when he labors he impresses his personality unto his work, and anyone who has taken a sip of the beer he helped to brew knows the veracity of this insight. At Thomas More College, students labor months before an event to craft flavorful brews that remind oneself that man eats and drinks to live and that one does not live to eat and drink.


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