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Striving for Excellence

In these modern times, to maintain a community where Academic rigor and virtuous living is held in a higher regard than wealth, social standing, or power is no small task. Yet, the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts continues to strive and succeed in providing such an environment for its students. Over the years, the College has gained recognition for its efforts from both secular and Catholic institutions. Here on this page, we would like to share with you just some of the reviews and awards:

“The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts provides a rigorous, classical education. Alumni have told us that the College offered a liberating experience that was refreshing and sometimes surprising.

There are several unique aspects of the College, including its humanities sequence, “Way of Beauty” courses, and traditional spiritual life. In its nearly 40 years of existence, the College has lived up to its founders’ desire to preserve traditional Catholic liberal arts education.

Thomas More College has long emphasized its intellectual offerings and has strengthened its already notable Catholic identity. For students seeking an enriching intellectual experience, TMC has much to offer.”

The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts is one of 38 “faithfully Catholic colleges and universities nationwide” chosen for the “Catholic Identity College Guide,” and has a perfect score for all of NCR’s criteria for educational and moral excellence.


Thomas More College is mentioned by Time Magazine in a cover story titled, “Who Needs Harvard?,” as a unique alternative to Harvard University for those seeking a rigorous education in the Western Tradition.

The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts is in the top 2 percent of country’s major colleges and universities with one of just four colleges in the United States to be given a perfect score for ensuring that students study seven key areas: composition, literature, American history, foreign language, mathematics, science, and economics. The College also possesses the highest rating — “A” — for its strength of curriculum.

“Thomas More College of Liberal Arts should be highly commended for its integrated program of study, which incorporates history, philosophy, theology, and literature to give students a comprehensive understanding of Western civilization.”

In 2018, Thomas More College of Liberal Arts is ranked as one of the top three colleges in New Hampshire by

“The small student body of 92 and its single undergraduate program offering (a bachelor of arts in liberal arts) makes Thomas More one of the most intimate colleges in New Hampshire. The tight-knit community is also diverse, currently coming from 27 states and two foreign countries.

In studying the distinct liberal arts program, students are “prepared for life, not a narrow specialty”. They also have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to travel abroad: 100% of students opt to study in Rome for one semester, and others may study British history and literature in Oxford. Student life is designed to be as fun and refreshing as possible, with regular events such as banquets, poetry contests, bonfires, talent shows, and movie nights.”

The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts is considered one of the top 20 Conservative Colleges by The Best Schools.

“Thomas More’s curriculum carefully guides students through the best that has been written and thought throughout the history of Western Civilization. Students graduate with a full knowledge of literature, politics, philosophy, art, and architecture. Students spend a full semester during their sophomore year in Rome, Italy, where they experience the significance of Rome on the formation of Western civilization... the school is more socially than politically conservative… [and so, the College has] established a series of guilds inspired by those of medieval times. In their spare time, students participate in these guilds and gain practical skills and experience in areas such as woodworking, sacred art, homesteading, and music.”

Young America’s Foundation has named Thomas More College of Liberal Arts one of the top Conservative Colleges.

“Thomas More College is a college where parents can be confident that their children will receive a liberal arts education that is rigorous and well-grounded in the permanent things, preparing them for whatever work they may be called upon to perform in the world.”

“By providing students with a deep understanding of first principles, training them to think and write clearly, and preparing them for public speaking, Thomas More College is engaging in the indispensable task of nurturing a new generation of leaders…”

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